Hi. I'm Dana Todd.

I’m a professional freelance writer, editorial content creator, and public relations consultant specializing in media relations. Writing is my passion, and I know the ins and outs of pitching a story to local, regional, and national publications. You see, I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I’ve been a freelance writer and magazine editor, and owned a public relations agency where I’ve pitched corporate clients and entrepreneurs for media coverage across the United States.


The blinking cursor doesn’t scare me. Each week, I turn blank pages into appealing copy for magazine editors and companies. I’m known for meeting deadlines and meeting budgets with spot-on content. I have written on a wide variety of topics for magazines across the country, but now a large part of my time is spent writing about interior design, luxury homebuilding, real estate, architecture, art, and landscape design. My clients often tell me they find my strength is in taking copious amounts of research or a difficult topic and turning it into compelling, easy-to-understand copy.

It takes someone with both a creative and business background to work effectively in the corporate realm shaping messages for specific target markets. I spend time writing and editing website content, marketing materials, and digital content to establish the correct messaging for my business clients so they can achieve sales success.


As an entrepreneur (I founded a high-tech PR agency), I understand the intricacies of shaping a fledgling startup and the business issues entrepreneurs face along the way. Through past work with about 200 startup companies, I have helped entrepreneurs address editorial, publicity, and messaging issues to jumpstart their endeavors.

I work closely with small businesses to create messaging and identify target markets so they can sell what they produce. Sometimes all it takes is an objective personality with a little practical marketing experience to launch a creative visionary on the way to success. In my years of working in business, I have helped many small company owners craft the messages editors will accept as inspiration for their business and consumer articles. So far, I have placed more than 5,000 articles for clients nationwide in magazines, newspapers, television, radio and internet media outlets.

You can see a few more details about my work experience on LinkedIn.